Since the 1970s, Veteran Representation in Congress has dropped more than 50%

America Needs More Veterans in Washington!

Helping elect principled veterans to office

Leaders Who Protect the people

More veterans are running for office because they want to serve their country again and they want to do something about the polarization of our country.


An Initiative of GatorPAC to endorse strong, honest leadership for our country.

Committed to helping our veterans help our people

What We're Really Funding

Candidates Who Support

Fixing the Obama administration’s mishandling of the Veterans Administration (VA)


Implementing the VA Mission Act, a law signed by President Trump that provides veterans with more choices and better access to healthcare


Health records brought into the digital age


Reforming the Veterans Disability System


Enacting Veteran Suicide Prevention legislation


Supporting Veterans Homelessness and Veteran Affordable Housing Legislation


Veterans Criminal Justice Legislative Reform

Fire in the yard, illegal burning of garbage. The concept of modern problems of recycling of garbage and ecology.

Passing legislation to ensure veterans exposed to toxic burn pits and chemicals receive the VA benefits they deserve

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Continue to support veteran candidates that advocate for policies that protect your liberty, fight for limited government, and secure our prosperity.

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